The Following includes all Pluged in Materials and Stuff used for the creation of the Game Star Wars (Force Wars) The Untold Story.
                                                   SPRITES AND TILES

future-joy-tilee.png -by- aweryn,Nomicom,Enterbrain,Shiro,Kaduki
Future Kitchen -by- Hyptosis
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter -by- Loppa92
Bobba Fet sprite -by- Weem
Twi'lek Jedi sprite -by- Blake Ezra
Frankened head sprite ,Astrodroid Blue & Red sprite,Special Twilek sprite,Mandalorian sprite,Protocol Droids sprites,Zabrak sprite,Jedi2 sprite,Yoda -by- SithJester
airship2 sprite -by- ALX_Zero,Avadan
Bobba Fet Head,Trooper Heads -by- Everaldo / Yellowicon
Y Wing Ship,Trade Federation Battleship,Speeder Bike,Droideka,Imperial Probe Droid,Slave I Ship  -by-  Jonathan Rey
Star Wars Battle Droid  -by-  kaio89
SciFiTiles  -by-  512_zps6308a7e5,Enterbrain,Abyss
flag sprite  -by-
ice dragon walk  -by-  Sen?
dragon Eggs  -by-  Matsuo Kaito
Predator Sprites  -by-  Blade3327
Fishs  -by-  Aindra
sNOW Titleset  -by-  Titanhex
N'Kata Del Gormo  -by-
rpg_maker_2d_graphics  -by- sexwithsexy-d3csn0e

                                                BATTLE SYSTEM ACTOR PICTURES

Dragons -by- Zephyrskye
Actors -by-,Enterbrain,Degica Co., Ltd


Rpg vx,Rpg vx Ace,Rpg xp General  -by- Enterbrain,Degica Co., Ltd
Beast's,Monster's  -by- Sievel,Wookiepedia,
Wookie Warrior  -by-
Rakata and other Special's  -by-,vizk23

                                                          SYSTEM PICTURES

IconSet  -by- Mudducky
Images  -by-
Faces  -by-,,Enterbrain,Degica Co., Ltd,Face Maker
Red Dragon Face -by-  grzanka
Green Dragon Face  -by-  Karl Smink
Wookie Face  -by-  William Beem
rpg_maker_vx_ace_only_title1  -by-  nicnubill-d6pnraa
Dagobah  -by-  Hamten
Kvothe   -by-   jodeee
letter paper x   -by-  spidergypsy
Pirate ship waallpaper -by-  tinkerbell3
Elf Princess -by- Rebeccaweaver
Elf Ranger -by-- Elle Walby
Kashyyyk -by- Wutangclanshirt
Star Wars Rakatan Life -by- Apneicmonkey


  • Active_Bonus_Gauge,Active_Chain,ATB,ATB_Meter,ATB_CP_Animation,ATB_Schala,ATB_Skill_Name,Battle_Cry,Battle_Hud_EX,Battle_Command_EX,Battleback_EX,Battler_Motion,Battler_Shadow,Battle_Cursor,Battler_Poses,Aura_Effect,Blitz_Commands,Boss_HP_Meter,Combo_Count,Damage_Popup,Kekkai,Ougi_Animation,Scope_EX,Transition_EX,Actor_Picture_CM,Animation_+,Saga_Skill_System,Active_Timer,Ultima_Hud,Skill_EX  -by-  Moghunter
  • Critical Flash  -by-  V.M. of D.T
  • Actor Victory Exp  -by-  Tsukihime
  • batlers convert -by-  FenixFyreX
  • Battle in Vehicle -by-   BulletXt
  • Undefeated Hidden Enemies Visual Fix  -by-  DerTraveler
  • Actor Voices in Battle Version: 1.0  -by-  DiamondandPlatinum3
  • Actor Voices  -by-  DiamondandPlatinum3
  • Hp Enemy Bars  -by- V.M of D.T


  • Victor Engine - Basic Module   -by- Victor Sant
  • Ace Core Engine v1.09,Adjust Limits,Ace Menu Engine,Ace Shop Engine   -by- Yanfly
  • Event in load game -by-  Tsukihime


  • Mouse System,Special Keybinds  -by-  V.M. of D.T
  • ZoomingCharacter Sprite Zooming,Item Rarity,vehicle Events,Inventory Sorting  -by-  Tsukihime
  • Pause Script Version 2  -by-  Unsigned_Zero
  • Playtime in Menu  -by-  Shadowmaster9000
  • Sprite & Window Smooth Sliding,Pixel Movement,Awesome Light Effects  -by-  Khas Arcthunder
  • Sprite Reflection  -by-  TDS,Cozziekuns,voyager4383
  • Ace item Menu,Ace Status Menu,Engine Ace - System Options    -by- Yanfly
  • Region Effects   -by-  Galv
  • spawn an event inside Area  -by-  Yanfly & Quack
  • CP Passive Skills v1.1   -by- Neon Black
  • Notebook System Version: 2.6    -by- Estriole
  • Variable Shops   -by-  Mr. Trivel  
  • Chain_Commands,Diagonal_Movement,Elnard_Enemy_Encounter,Event_Sensor_Range,Pickup_and_Throw,Extra_Pattern,Monster_Book,_Character_EX,_Event_Text,_Parallax_EX,_Picture_Effects,_Weather_EX    -by-  Moghunter
  • Hover Alerts  -by-  modern algebra


  • Madoka Title Screen,Adv_Load_Bar,Character_Select,Menu_Cursor,Scene_File_A,Wallpaper_EX                                                                                              -by-  Moghunter
  • Video Before Menu  -by-  Lethrface
  • Skip Title Screen  -by-  bStefan aka. regendo

▼ MINI GAMES (scripted) ▼
  • Fishing Mini Game  -by-  Galv


  • Resource Checker,Test Edit,Character Sprite zoming,Data Backup    -by-  Tsukihime
  • Correct Sprite Display V1.0  -by-  Moby
  • Gold Icon  -by-  Vindaca
  • Region Effects,Parameter Names,Map Positions  -by-  Galv
  • Graphical Object Global Reference  -by- Mithran
  • Victor Engine - Control Codes,Victor Engine - SFont  -by- Victor Sant
  • VXAce_SP1 -by-  FenixFyreX
  •  Keyboard Input script  Version 1.0a   -by-  Neon Black
  • Engine Symphony - Pop Message  -by- Yami
  • Ace Message System v1.05 -by- Yanfly


VX to Ace Conversion Program  -by-  FenixFyreX
Tutorial for Comon Events  -by-  Despain
Racer mini eventing  -by-  dinhbat3
Exe Icon Changer  -by- Angus Johnson
Captain Harlock (Anime Series)


Map's  -by-
Story  -by-,Jim Kama,Denis Kama
Story Creation  -by-  Jim Kama,Denis Kama,Maxim Codrat,Simos Simotas
Map Creation  -by-  Denis Kama


Midi Sounds Collection  -by-  Kickass, (Unkown Seeder)
El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido  -by-  Sergio Ortega
Darth Malgus Voice   -by-  Jamie Glover


High Fantasy Mega Bundle  -by- Jesse and Megan (Includes HF1,HF2, TD Expansion)

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